Science Sundries

Science Sundries: (noun) various items not important enough to be published in a peer reviewed journal.

Chris Cotter

Postdoctoral Researcher at The University of Georgia


Imagine trying to understand the flow of city traffic with little understanding of how cars, traffic signs or signals work. Why do some cars stop while others continue? Why do some blatantly ignore rules others appear to follow? Now imagine untangling this while the city is covered in a dense fog (similar to the opacity of tissue). That is what it is like to study cell-cell coordination.

      Cell coordination is at the center of immune response, cancer metastasis, fetal development, and wound healing. Yet how individual cells communicate and coordinate their behaviors on scales hundreds of times larger than themselves is not well understood. My research works to understand coordination on the individual cell level by combining computer science and statistics with biological experiments to generate data driven models for testing hypothesis.

Career Interests

Data Collection • Model Creation and Fitting • Neural Networks • Unsupervised Learning • Statistical Analysis • Image Analysis

Personal Interests

Argentine Tango • Swing Dancing